Step 1 - Select your New Home

Your new home Design Consultant will walk you through the range of Burke Homes designs and our unique sale process. At this stage they will document all your requests and provide you with an estimate of your new home.

Step 2 - Building Tender

Your initial deposit starts the ball rolling for all the reports required to finalise your quotation. Your new home Design Consultant will guide you through your quote to ensure all your requests are included.

Step 3 - Colour Selection

Once you’ve authorised your new home quotation, we coordinate a Colour Selection meeting to help you choose colours and any upgrades for your new home.

Step 4 - Building Agreement

Along with any colour variations, electrical variations, and all other regulatory approvals, we are ready to produce your New Home Building Agreement. The New Building Agreement will reflect all your final changes and costs.

Step 5 - Permit Approvals and Ordering

On authorisation of your industry approved Agreement, we are now ready to apply for a building permit and commence ordering your home to enable us to start construction.

Step 6 - Finance Approval

Finance approval is required prior to site start and any final variations must be signed off. A simple letter from your lending institution enables us to proceed with the building of your new home.

Step 7 - Building on Your Site

All materials are ordered and called up when required. Strict adherence to local State and Federal government OH&S laws ensures a smooth and safe construction program.

Step 8 - Complete Construction

You will start to see your house quickly take shape and the excitement builds. Your builder will work closely alongside you and, when requested, will inspect progress with you to ensure it meets your approval.

Step 9 - Handover of Your New Home

The handover of your new home is, without doubt, the most exciting time of the entire process. Your builder will meet you and walk you through your home, give you all the statutory warranties and, most importantly, your new house keys!

Step 10 - New Home Maintenance

Our goal is to always deliver your new home on time and in accordance with your plans. It also must meet Burke Home’s exacting quality standards. So, after your home has had time to settle, we will visit you and address any concerns you may have. It’s all part of the Burke Homes Guarantee.